Why Join Our TEAM

The Resultz TEAM is all about transforming lives from the inside out. Our mission is to help people lose fat, gain lean muscle and transform their minds in the process. We are transformation specialist who succeed when everything and everyone else has failed. We realize this journey is far more than physical. That is the reason we focus on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of this journey. We believe that every human being has the capacity to achieve greatness in their lives. Our job is to help bring it out.

In an effort to expand our reach and impact more lives, Resultz is always searching for motivated people who are committed to personal development and living a healthy lifestyle. That is the reason why we have decided to provide these types of motivated individuals with an opportunity to build health and wealth.

Transforming Lives

We are truly committed to helping people transform their lives.

In addition to helping people transform their physical bodies we give our community the tools to transform their careers, relationships, and any other area of their life that needs to change.

Because we have helped thousands of individuals live a more fulfilled life, our community is growing daily.

Join Our Movement

Perks of Becoming an Affiliate

As an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to partner with us. Not only will you receive a 30% commission on each sale that you make. We will assist in marketing the brand. Also, we will give you the tools to gain more exposure and attain more followers.

We hope you decide to join the Resultz team. You will be joining an organization that believes in being real, raw, and getting results. We pride ourselves on a set of core values; excellence, and professionalism. We want you to grow personally and financially.



The success of each affiliate is our goal. We realize you need the right tools to grow. We have combined the right technology and the right products to give you that edge. With this in mind, we have put together an Affiliate Starter Package that contains 8 of our core products. This will allow you to consume them or display them to potential clients. You aren’t required to purchase the starter package to become an affiliate; however, it will give you the best chance to maximize this opportunity. That is the reason the package price is below wholesale.

Affiliate Starter Package

Step 1

Create an Affiliate Account


Upon signing up, log in and notice your standard link to send prospects and put on your social media platforms.

Step 2

Look around for other marketing tools and watch the many help videos to give you more ideas.

Step 3

When someone purchases you will have earned a 30% commission on any and all Resultz products.

Step 4

You will receive a commission pay out monthly.