Folice Bailey

When I reached 192 lbs, I knew some things had to change. I had a personal trainer in the past. I needed much more. Resultz was the “more” I needed! My resultz came from the love, motivation, support, accountability, and empowerment I receive from AWOL fitness.

Aquicha Duff

I had given up on myself many times in the past, made every excuse for why it couldn’t be done. I needed Resultz. So, I joined AWOL fitness community. I found people who genuinely cared about changing lives and pushed me to do things I never imagined I could do.

Councial Glenn

What really sets Resultz from other programs is that they focus on the total person…..your body and your mind.  Since joining the program, I am truly making wellness “a way of life” . I am a better man because the coaches at AWOL fitness helped me get Resultz.

Natalie Martin

Most of my life, I was immensely insecure, but had become an expert at hiding my lack of self-confidence. I was invited to a workout where I met Coach Lynch. He educated me, motivated me, and supported me during my transformation process. I have changed drastically, not only physically, but most importantly mentally and emotionally, and I owe it all to this Resultz process.

Marcus Gause

I sat in my doctors office and listened as they went through all my medications and vitals. I had a host of medications and weighed in at 249.6lbs which was the heaviest I’d been my entire life. I decided to take this challenge . This journey started out about my health but has transcended to every aspect of my life. My self confidence and focus has never been stronger!  I owe it all, to every AWOL Coach and the entire AWOL family that have helped me get these Resultz

Bridgette Grace Cannon

Having hypertension in my 30’s got my attention. I knew that it was time for a change. The coaches at AWOL fitness have been the radical change I needed to take control of my health and get the Resultz I have always desired. . Thank you for the extra push and continued guidance you instill in us daily. Because YOU care, I care!

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